Schmitt Farms
Scott City, Kansas
Wheat, Corn, Sorghum (milo), Sunflowers, Soybeans

Since our crops are our income, we are always looking for maximum yield with minimum damage to the environment.  We have found that the 5 crops above are especially well suited to our area and to No Till farming. 

The majority of the land we farm is dryland and milo has proven again and again that it can survive the toughest conditions.  On our irrigated land, corn is the crop of choice, alternating with wheat.  We also plant dryland corn, soybeans & sunflowers. 

One of the reasons we are successful with our crops is maintaining the flexibility in our crop rotations and planting what is best suited to the soil type and moisture available.  Through careful management of our resources, we are able to continuous crop with minimum summer fallow, allowing for maximum profit.
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