Schmitt Farms
Scott City, Kansas
Western Kansas has been in a drought for going on 6 years.  That makes farming difficult and water management critial.  Regardless of how well managed our soil is and how many heat units are available: no rain, no gain.

Our annual amount of precipitation, on average is 18 inches.  From 2000-2004, we have had less than 15" per year.   The late August rains of 2005 brought much needed moisture but it was too late for most crops.  We were delighted with a 10" snow fall at the end of March this year!  Ever optimistic, 2006 looked much better because of this moisture!

We believe that by not opening up the soil with tillage, we are able to hold what precious little moisture is available.  When rains do come, the ground is able to drink it up and produces no run off so the water is absorbed and available for the crop.  Often times, it appears that the rain has missed us because there are no puddles in our fields.  No till also allows structure to form in the soil and eliminates blowing dirt, thus preventing dust storms.   Another key part of our success is replacing nutrients that are used by a crop.  By pulling soil samples, we know what a field needs to be productive the next year. 
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